“What I appreciate most about The Endurance Lab is the laid back but informative approach to coaching. I feel no pressure to the coaching. Rather, I just feel a presence of a coach. I also like that I have a coach that "listens", which in my experience with previous coaches is rare.”

Tereza Macel, Professional Ironman Triathlete


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About The Endurance Lab

The vision of The Endurance Lab is to bring professional endurance coaching and training services to the endurance sports market throughout Toronto and the GTA.

The Endurance Lab's philosophical approach to coaching is simple: the athlete-coach relationship is about the athlete, not the coach.

The Endurance Lab's philosophical approach to training is summed up in three words: Prudence, Patience, and Perseverance.


1.  Prudence: Doing what's right, what's necessary. Getting the type of training you need for your success. Nothing more, nothing less.

2.  Patience: Letting things happen naturally-not forcing things. Doing the work, and seeing the results come as they may. Patience with the process and with ourselves.

3.  Perseverance. Hanging in there when everything seems to be going the wrong direction. Finding it in you to endure those tough days, weeks, and months of training.

It's easy to be prudent, somewhat easy to be patient, but very tough to persevere. Endurance Lab athletes persevere!

Our athletes have qualified for and completed the Ironman Hawaii (both age group and elite), 70.3 World Championship (age group), ITU Elite Triathlon World Championships, ITU Age Group Triathlon World Championships, Elite Triathlon National Championships, and the Boston Marathon. Our athletes consistently set personal bests.

Through our method of endurance coaching and training, our athletes have successfully overcome high blood pressure, lost weight, toned their bodies, and had fun in the process.

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