“I paid attention to all that you taught me and proudly came thru the finish line feeling incredible! I learned so much about myself in this past year. I love what I discovered, and I know I want to continue this adventure.”

Bernadette Thomas, Ironman Finisher


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Athletes have questions. Important questions. Questions about their training, racing, injuries, technique, long term planning, nutrition, psychology...the list goes on. A lot of questions can be answered in a short period of time in discussion with an experienced coach. Numerous athletes have consulted with The Endurance Lab throughout the year about issues relating to their endurance goals.

Consultations offer an athlete a one-time opportunity to discuss their training with a professional. No long-term commitment is required. Consultation topics can include, but are not limited to:

  - comprehensive analysis of the athlete's training plan
  - long term planning and periodization
  - goal setting
  - technique analysis
  - feedback on training/racing results
  - performance test review
  - adjustment of schedule
  - log book review
  - race strategy
  - nutritional information
  - post race analysis
  - motivational
  - psychology of training and racing

Consultations are held at The Endurance Lab or over the phone. Contact us if you'd like to talk over your training.


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