“What do I like most about working with The Endurance Lab? How about the personal bests that Iíve consistently had, year after year? How about me being faster now at age 38 than I ever thought I could be at 30? How about feeling like part of a team? Or maybe having consistent results with very few injuries! Or maybe itís the confidence Iíve gained in my abilities as an athlete!”

Kim Miroslavich, the very first Endurance Lab athlete, multiple Ironman finisher


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Are you a triathlete, cyclist, runner, or swimmer?

The Endurance Lab is a focused endurance coaching and training organization. We're dedicated to helping triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers reach their performance potential.

Do you want to set new personal bests?

Whether you swim, bike, and/or run, learn that consistency, health, progression and accomplishment are yours to own absolutely.

Are you searching for skilled coaching?

Whether your goal is Ironman, 70.3 Triathlon, Boston Marathon, your first triathlon or marathon, our experienced, dedicated coaching will help you get there.

Are you looking for a comprehensive approach to training?

Our extensive coaching approach gives you the tools to get to where you want to be. The Endurance Lab works with you every step of the way. With quality training, you will succeed.

We work with you to set the agenda to achieve your short and long-term goals. Available services cover personal coaching, performance testing, consultations, endurance sport nutritional supplementation, and WattsUp Cycling.

The Endurance Lab is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We serve athletes from Toronto, York Region and across the GTA.