I have good training days. And I have training days where I learn. I don't have bad training days
 - Lance Armstrong
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e loadTM Sales

e loadTM is one of several products produced by Medion Corporation. e loadTM is, quite simply, Medion's best-known product. Medion produces a comprehensive line of supplements for the endurance athlete. The Endurance Lab is an authorized Medion product retailer.


e loadTM

There is a tremendous need for a sports drink formulated specifically for the heat - e loadTM is that drink! We could say that your sports drink has many important physiological "jobs", but in the heat, the most important job of your sports drink is prevention and control of heat stress, primarily by replacing sweat electrolytes and fluid as they are lost. If electrolyte balance is maintained within, and you supply enough fluid to replace losses you are well on your way to success in the heat!

(Sport drinks competing with e load that you may have experience with: Gatorade, HEED, PowerBar Endurance, Ultima, Cytomax.)

e mendTM

It is a common misconception that physical activity is an "anabolic event", during which our body builds tissues, when it is, in fact, a "catabolic event", during which tissues and fuel sources are being broken down. It is the post-exercise recovery that is responsible for the rebuilding process. And as in any construction site, the right building blocks are required to rebuild that which has broken down and become depleted. e mendTM provides those building blocks.

(Recovery drinks competing with e mend that you may have experience with: Endurox, Hammer Recoverite, Pro-BOOM.)

e loadTM Energy Gel

e loadTM Energy Gel is a sports gel that stands out in the heat of competition. e loadTM Energy Gel has been taken a step beyond the competition and has zeroed in on one of the primary causes of GI upset: the use of the wrong type of carbohydrate. After hours of research and countless tests, e loadTM Energy Gel has been produced which is truly a step...make that a leap...above the rest.

(Gel products competing with e load Energy Gel you may have experience with: PowerGel, Carb-BOOM, Gu, HammerGel, Clif Shots.)

Zone CapsTM

Zone CapsTM are used to bolster the electrolyte content of e loadTM base drink. For heavy sweaters, Zone CapsTM ensure sufficient electrolyte replacement is achieved. Unlike several commercially available "salt pills", Zone CapsTM have balance ratios of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, matching published sweat ratios.

(Other products competing with Zone Caps you may have experience with: Lava Salts, Endurolytes, "Salt" pills.)


eDISCSTM can be thought of as portable e loadTM powder. An eDISCTM is a round tablet that can either be chewed whole, or dissolved in water. The content of an eDISCTM is no different than regular e loadTM powder. eDICSTM come in a canister which includes a re-usable plastic dispensing case. The case is meant to be used during training and/or racing. Athletes can now ensure that they receive their trusted e loadTM during any endurance event, and no longer have to rely on the drink supplied by the race organization.

(Other products competing with eDISCS you may have experience with: Nuun )


FLYTM is a flavourless, easily dissolvable and 100% carbohydrate powder, that can be added to water or sports drinks. It allows you to bump up the carbohydrate content in your drinks, so if you prefer, you can use a liquid-only diet in training or competition.

(Other products competing with FLY you may have experience with: Infinit Nutrition, CarboPro, and Perpetuem.)


Product Retail ELab Athlete Price*
e loadTM (1.5 kg canister) $47.50 $42.75
e mendTM (880 g canister) $37.50 $33.75
e loadTM Energy Gel (box of 24) $36.00 $32.40
Zone CapsTM (bottle of 120 capsules) $26.50 $23.85
eDISCSTM (canister of 250 chewable discs) $32.50 $29.25
FLYTM (1.2 kg canister) $35.00 $31.50
* ELab personally-coached athletes receive 10% discount on all Medion product.

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