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Lactate Testing

Lactate testing is used to map the relationship between heart rate, speed (on the run) or power (on the bike) and lactate. Lactate testing serves at least two purposes:

1. Setting a benchmark fitness level, which can serve as a comparison for future lactate performance tests.

2. Determining proper training "zones". The athlete can get a sense of which zones to train in to get the desired training effect he/she is after. A zone is simply a defined range of intensity. Zones can be expressed in terms of heart rate (ie, 145 to 155 beats per minute), power (ie, 200 to 220 Watts), and among others, speed (ie, 10 to 11 km/h).

However, there are numerous other reasons to undergo regular lactate testing.

A lactate test at The Endurance Lab is an incremental test to sub maximal effort. Athletes typically describe the test intensity as a "9 out of 10". Heart rate, power (for a bike test) or speed (for a run test), and blood lactate are recorded. The test takes approximately 45 minutes. Lactate testing can be done on the bike and/or on the run.

Tested athletes will receive a printout and undergo a post-test, in-person interpretation of the test results with the testing professional.


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