“I was provided with a proper training schedule. It ensured that I was adequately trained and kept me from incurring any injuries.

I didn't have to think about my training or worry about not doing enough. Rather, I could focus on just doing the workouts.

I was impressed, and relieved, that I could have had such a personalized plan. Every training book or online guide out there seems to be 'cookie-cutter'. Coaching through The Endurance Lab was ideal.”

Christina Godbolt, Ironman Finisher


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Comprehensive Coaching Program

The Endurance Lab offers personal coaching services to athletes looking for a one-to-one working relationship with a professional coach. Personal coaching services are offered to athletes of all ability levels in the sports of triathlon and running.

The Endurance Lab's personal programming takes into account the athlete's...
...fitness level
...injury status
...time available to train
...extra-curricular activities

Our personal coaching programs are truly unique to each athlete. We do not prescribe bulk-training programs (ie. the same program for each athlete).

The Comprehensive Coaching Program includes all of the following:

- personal, monthly training program.
- regular performance testing
- athlete-initiated phone support/communication
- unlimited email communication
- as needed adjustments to the program (as many and as frequent as required)


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