“Perhaps the most important things I get from working with The Endurance Lab is what I donít get: I donít get injured. I donít get over-trained. If I was self-coached, the likelihood of me doing too much would be huge!”

Alan Chud, long time Endurance Lab athlete, and multiple Ironman finisher


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VO2max Testing

VO2max testing is used to determine the body's maximal oxygen utilization capacity. Endurance sports depend on oxygen delivery to and utilization by the working muscles. In short, the higher one's oxygen utilization capacity, the better their potential in endurance sport. VO2max testing is the oldest, most widely accepted method of testing for endurance potential.

It has been our experience at The Endurance Lab that VO2max testing offers little useful information to our athletes. As such, we have discontinued offering VO2max testing, and instead rely solely on lactate-based testing to assess and monitor our athletes' fitness and to prescribe proper training guidelines/intensities.

If you would like to learn more about the value of lactate-based testing, please visit here.


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